SSJ Group is a dynamic and forward-thinking holding company spearheading a diverse portfolio of businesses and investments curated by the entrepreneur Steve Jbara. Steve’s experience, and SSJ Group’s focus, spans the sports, advertising, finance, and technology industries.

At the heart of SSJ Group’s success lies its focus on precision and innovation toward Steve Jbara’s brands and investments under the SSJ Group umbrella. From revolutionizing the sustainable energy sector with Air Company to crafting premium spirits at GreenDoor Distillery, and venturing into the realms of luxury with Atomic Honey and sports with Grand Rapids Gold, SSJ Group is synonymous with excellence as they’re committed to transforming these markets.

By committing to a multifaceted, progressive, and innovative approach, Steve Jbara has led SSJ Group to carve an increasingly prominent niche in the ever-changing financial landscape. The company’s wide variety of successful ventures reflect both far-reaching ambition and solution-focused ideation — both of which have made a lasting impact on SSJ Group’s numerous partnering entities. 

GreenDoor Distilling

Founded in 2014, Green Door Distilling, the first distillery in KAalamazoo since 1858, emphasizes community through its award-winning spirits. Crafted for both enthusiasts and newcomers, the products reflect a commitment to refining the craft spirit industry. The name “Green Door” harks back to the prohibition era, where a green door marked a speakeasy, symbolizing an inclusive space where social and financial status didn’t matter. Today, Green Door Distilling continues this ethos legally, inviting all to enjoy a good time in their tasting room or by purchasing their spirits for personal adventures.

Air Company 

AIR COMPANY is on a mission to revolutionize environmental sustainability by converting CO2 into a limitless resource. Through our cutting-edge AIRMADE™️ System, we’re actively turning carbon into carbon-negative chemicals and fuel, offering scalable and modular solutions for industries worldwide. This technology has the potential to transform conventional industries into sustainable powerhouses. With each passing day, the AIRMADE™️ System is scaling up, and we are confident that widespread adoption across all sectors will significantly reduce carbon emissions, addressing the climate crisis at its core.

Atomic Honey

Founded in 2020 over margaritas, Atomic Honey emerged from a desire to enhance the advertising agency landscape. Despite the challenges of 2020, the agency strategically built strong client relationships, leading to remarkable results and a move to a larger Detroit headquarters. In 2021, Atomic Honey continued to thrive, delivering exceptional work and expanding its team and space. By 2023, the agency’s buzz grew louder with high-profile client signings, major initiatives, and a doubled workspace, all fueled by a vibrant culture and inclusive clients.

The Grand Rapids Gold

The Grand Rapids Gold, founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Steve Jbara, marks a transformative chapter in the NBA G-League. Originally based in Springfield, Mass., Jbara purchased and relocated the team to Grand Rapids, achieving immediate profitability and unprecedented success in merchandise sales, sponsorship revenue, and gate receipts. Under Jbara’s leadership, the team rapidly ascended to the top ranks of the league. In a groundbreaking move in 2021, the Grand Rapids Gold entered into a hybrid arrangement with the Denver Nuggets, solidifying its status as a dynamic force in the G-League.

Copious Capital

Copious Capital, established as a prominent investment firm, has swiftly gained recognition for its strategic prowess in financial markets. Founded by visionary leaders with a keen eye for opportunities, the firm has successfully navigated diverse sectors, showcasing a commitment to innovation and growth. Copious Capital’s investment approach is characterized by a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, enabling them to identify and capitalize on lucrative prospects. With a reputation for astute financial management and a track record of successful ventures, Copious Capital stands as a formidable player in the world of finance.


FlexIt, established in 2018, revolutionized the fitness industry by offering users a seamless and empowering gym experience without obstacles or intimidating barriers. The concept allowed individuals to use their phones to access gyms nationwide, paying only for the time spent working out, with no paperwork or phone calls required. Launched in 2019, the platform gained popularity across the United States. In 2020, FlexIt expanded its mission by introducing Interconnected Health, enabling users to book and train with personal trainers through various devices, connecting people globally. The company’s commitment to well-being continues through innovations like Connected Training™, FlexItPRO™, FlexItNOW, and FlexIt Nutrition, showcasing a dedication to ongoing growth and improvement.


OWQLO serves as an all-encompassing sports operating system designed for clubs, competitions, academies, campuses, and fan clubs. By consolidating monetizable transactions, the platform maximizes the revenue potential of sports organizations, offering a one-stop-shop for users. The user-friendly interface simplifies the sports experience, covering aspects like streamlined ticketing, efficient organization management, and seamless purchases of merchandise and sports equipment. With the centralized hub, administrators gain powerful tools to streamline operations and enhance every facet of their sports organization.


WaitTime, a pioneer in crowd intelligence, employs state-of-the-art patented artificial intelligence through both a guest and operator platform. This innovative system observes, measures, and optimizes the impact of WaitTime in real-time and through historical analysis. Offering precision at high volumes, WaitTime delivers crucial data and historical analytics on crowd behavior, providing operations personnel with live insights into crowd movement, density, and occupancy. Simultaneously, guests receive essential information to navigate efficiently, showcasing the platform’s commitment to enhancing both operational efficiency and user experience.


BioSense employs a patent-pending closed flow cell technology, exclusively capturing the last 5% of a user’s breath through deep lung sampling. This innovative approach ensures accurate and reproducible measurements, correcting for individual variations in exhalation time and lung capacity. As the inaugural clinically backed, non-invasive breath ketone monitor, BioSense has successfully decoded the method of measuring ketones through breath samples. Notably, its reliability stands out as it can be compared to the gold standard of blood measurements, establishing BioSense as a groundbreaking and accurate tool for monitoring ketone levels.


VizCom stands at the forefront of the future of product visualization, offering a platform that seamlessly transforms imaginative ideas into photorealistic renderings in seconds. With a focus on high-quality photorealism, creative exploration, and user control, VizCom inspires and delivers a new dimension to design concepts. Users can explore infinite design variations, generating unique product combinations and visually exploring every option with intuitive control at their fingertips. VizCom’s features include collaborative workspaces, curated rendering styles, drawing tools, 3D model import, texture control, layers, and robust security measures, providing a versatile and secure environment for design workflows.